say hello to Trap Door Dining.

Trap Door Dining is a seasonal pop-up dinner series hosted in Southern California. After Trap Door's successful pop-up dinner series in Los Angeles years ago, The Chef behind the concept, Kenny Seliger, moved to NYC to further his culinary training. Now, he is back in Southern California and has ventured to the Orange County area for another installment of Trap Door.

details, please. 

Every season, an intimate 15-20 person dinner will be hosted at Kit Coffee in Newport Beach for one night. The multi-course tasting menus are crafted by Seliger in a storytelling manner and are meant to feel like a unique experience. Each dinner will be paired with wine, beer or spirits and the menu ingredients are all locally sourced. All menu items are hand-crafted - including vinegars, breads, cured proteins and more, with a strong focus on fermentation.