meet the chef, Kenny Seliger

Kenny Seliger was born and raised in Germany, where he learned to cook from his grandmother and often times spent long summers on his great aunt's farm - where he learned to value the earth's bounty. Seliger attended culinary school and jumped into professional kitchens before even graduating. From there, he went on to gain experience in kitchens across the country. After heading popular LA German eatery Wirtshaus for years, Seliger moved to New York City to grow his skill set in some of the busiest kitchens in the city. After training at award-winning restaurants, Seliger ventured back to Southern California to work in luxury resorts. Seliger became Sous Chef of The Loft at Montage Laguna Beach and now works as the Executive Sous Chef of the Waterfront Beach Resort by Hilton in Huntington Beach. Seliger has a passion for storytelling through his food and pushing the envelope with his innovative creations. His focus lies on carefully crafting all ingredients in-house with the intent of showcasing the beauty of Southern California's natural resources by sourcing produce, seafood and proteins within a 200-mile radius of Orange County. When creating menus, Seliger's goal is to never repeat an ingredient on the same menu more than once, with the exception of oil, salt and pepper.